the Zin-Phomaniac story

Zin-Phomaniac. Created by and for Zinfandel lovers who crave the arousing aromas, warm embrace and climactic finish of a fleshy, voluptuously-styled Zinfandel. Sourced from California’s best Zinfandel growing regions. Always from old vine Zinfandel. One sip and you know you’ll never get enough…


When you set out to make a mind-blowing Zinfandel, you have to find mind-blowing grapes. That’s why we looked to the Lodi appellation in sourcing grapes for Zin-Phomaniac.

With a temperate, Mediterranean climate and sandy loam soils, the Lodi appellation produces many outstanding wines, but is particularly renowned for its sumptuous, richly-flavored red Zinfandels. Our winemaker scours this area east of the San Francisco Bay to identify vineyards and grapes that fit the Zin-Phomaniac profile. Working with a handful of older vineyards with vines between 20 and 75 years old, we fashioned a voluptuous, lavishly textured Old Vine Zinfandel that reflects the ideal climate and varied soils of this acclaimed wine growing region.

Sonoma County Vineyards

Sonoma County has long been revered for its lush, opulent and impeccably-balanced Zinfandels, and some of the oldest and finest Zinfandel vineyards in California can be found in this appellation.

Our Reserve Zin-phomaniac draws on the county’s best appellations for Zinfandel, including Dry Creek Valley, Alexander Valley, Sonoma Valley and Russian River Valley. Although each of these regions produces Zinfandel grapes with unique characteristics, they share the warm days and cool nights associated with the marine influence of the Pacific Ocean and San Pablo Bay. However, a variety of soils and distinct microclimates provide our winemaker with a varied palette from which to blend our Reserve, resulting in a complex, full-throttle, lavishly-spiced wine with an abundance of bold, briary fruit.

Old Vine Zinfandel

While there is no official definition of how “old” an Old Vine Zinfandel must be, Zin-phomaniac is made from vines that were planted 20 to 75 years ago…

Pretty old when you consider that the average grapevine lives 25 to 30 years. Why old vines? We’ve found that there are certain flavors and textures – a certain pleasure component – that only seem to come from older Zinfandel vines. After all, they are more experienced. And while they may produce fewer grapes, the grapes they produce are generous, dark and concentrated, with a high skin to juice ratio. Simply put, grapes from old vines make the full-bodied, intensely hedonistic wines we love.

The Realm of Zin-phomania

Zin-phomania: An excessive and uncontrollable desire for Zinfandel brought on by experiencing the titillating aromas, decadent flavors and sensual, seductive mouth feel of Zin-phomaniac.

You’ve always loved Zinfandel. With its arresting fruit aromas, big berry and spice flavors and full-bodied profile, Zin has always been the varietal for you. But Zin-phomaniac takes your obsession to a whole new level. Seductive aromas that get your pulse racing; decadent jammy fruit flavors that light your senses on fire; a voluptuous, saturating mouthfeel; a lusty, satisfying finish that leaves you begging for more.

You’ve never had it so good. And now you’ll never get enough. Welcome to the realm of Zin-phomania.